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I'm Katie, an Austin-based Product Designer with 7 years of experience helping startups in optimizing key workflows and experiences in e-commerce, retail, and marketing. When away from my desk, you can find me moonlighting as a photographer, brand designer, and avid traveler. 

My passion for design ignited while working as an assistant on commercial shoots for various ad agencies. The power to enrich lives through art and design has always inspired me, driving my commitment to continuous self-improvement. These experiences fueled my interest in graphic design, UI design, and recently, UX design. I tackle challenges with empathy, always seeking to understand my clients' perspectives to utilize my unique skills and passions effectively. I've been fortunate to collaborate with entrepreneurs and startups, optimizing their AWS, e-commerce, onboarding flows, and adding features to their software programs. I'm excited about the prospect of joining larger teams to make a greater impact, honing my product sense, and further sharpening my craft.

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